Toning Tables

Helping you achieve the perfect shape with Shapemaster

Shapemaster turning tables firm, tone and strengthen muscles giving the skin a smooth, tighter appearance, instead of causing a bulging muscular appearance. There is no painful tearing and repairing of muscle tissue involved. 
Relax over-used muscles and tighten under-used muscles through the equal stimulation of the deeply positioned postural control muscles. Tone and tighten stomach and shoulder muscles to re-position the rib cage, pelvis and shoulders. Tone outer muscles to give the body form and shape. Toning tables instigate movement whilst the user lies back and enjoys the physical benefits through passive exercise.

As well as helping you look and feel good, using Shapemaster will improve: 

  • Inch loss
  • Circulation
  • Posture
  • Muscle elasticity
  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Relaxation
  • General well-being
  • Joint mobility
  • Trial £6
  • Individual session £7.50
  • Four sessions* £25
  • Eight sessions* £42
  • Unlimited sessions (one month) £50
  • *sessions must take place one month from purchase date Monthly passes, bundles and pay per session are all available. 
  • Results can be seen quickly.
  • Motivation to continue is very high, anddrop-out rate is low. 
  • This is a workout to suit and meet all your needs, and is suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and all abilities

How long does a session take?
The average exercise movement takes approximately 8 minutes on each table. Allow one hour for a full exercise session.

What should I wear?
Wear loose, comfortable clothing whilst you are exercising on the tables – not denim jeans.
It is also recommended that you bring with you a small  towel.


1. Leg Toner
This smooth, circular exercise movement effectively tones and trims the entire leg area, including inner, outer and frontal thigh – also calves. 
2. Hip – Waist Trimmer
Gently strengthens and relaxes muscles which firms, tightens and reduces the waist, stomach, hips and buttocks – also helps strengthen the lower back.
3. Stomach – Hip Trimmer
Tones and tightens muscles in buttocks and hips as well as strengthening the stomach muscles by resistance tension.
4. Upper Body Toner
Exercises and firms the entire upper body. By lifting the rib cage, improved posture and shoulder flexibility is achieved. 
5. Tummy Toner
The entire midriff region is toned and tightened – putting elasticity back into the abdominal muscles, getting rid of unsightly tummy bulge.
6. Waist Trimmer
Strengthens and tightens abdominal muscles and lower back. It improves muscle tone all over the body and helps to trim the waistline. 
7. Circulator – Rower 
Eases tension and stress, improves circulation and promotes a feeling of well-being. Tones chest/bust, upper arms and shoulders.

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