Hot stone therapy full body (1hr 20mins) £55
Hot stone therapy full body (1hr) £44
Hot stone therapy – back, neck and shoulder (30mins) £29

Stress relief massage (15mins) £10

Aromatherapy full body (1hr) £30
Aromatherapy back massage (30mins) £20
Essential oils have been used for centuries as natural aids to health and well being. Oils are individually selected and blended to alleviate a number of conditions including stress, headaches and muscular aches and pains.

Swedish massage (30mins) £20
Swedish massage full body (1hr) £30
Swedish massage refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones. The purpose of this massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. Swedish massage also reduces stress, both emotional and physical.

Indian head massage (30mins) £20
Indian head massage is a technique to target specific negative effects that stress has upon our bodies. A variety of massage techniques is used on the shoulders, upper arms and neck as well as the head. Effective in the relief of headaches and eye strain as well as a number of other conditions.

Reflexology (50mins) £30
Specific massage techniques used on the reflex points of the feet which correspond with the organs of the body. Includes relaxation, healing and relief from stress.